Took the car for a longer run and the exhaust seemed to be definitely getting louder. It was only when I stopped off at work that the rattling was noticeable. Bonnet off and it was quickly spotted that there were only 2 exhaust nuts (out of 8!) holding the manifold on. They were definitely tight (FT) before but I can only guess that the vibration has got to them.
I've replaced them all (and gone to VFT) but it's something to keep an eye on in the future.

Some potentially good news. Now, I have been toying with the GPS speedo idea but been largely put off by the lack of odometer.
However, it appears that, despite the wobbly speedo needle (I suspect noise pick up) the odometer is recording correctly.
So, if I keep the odometer and yellowbox, I can just use the GPS speedo for instantaneous speed!

Took a longer trip today as it wasn't raining, it was cloudy but no rain!
Anyway, the tiny SPA style mirrors were a pain to get tightened, never stayed properly aligned and I could see hardly anything out of them.
So, on return to the garage, I swapped them out for these! They are bigger, more solid and I have had them hanging around the garage for nearly 14 years. They fitted great and were much easier to tighten once lined up. They are fake CF but hey, if it makes me safer, I don't care!

Since that wonderful first day, the local weather has been much like this ☹️
I have ordered a light rain cover for the car so I can get to use it more often, just to fend off the occasional shower. The inside of the cockpit is waterproof but I don't fancy sitting in a wet seat!

Yay! This is me! On the road at last!
Two quite short drives and a snagging list is already being developed :-)
Good news is that it drives very well and it quite well behaved in traffic.
Biggest thing has been some excessive clonking from the diff. I know the BEC drive-line is quite clunky anyway but this may warrant some further investigation.
Still, it doesn't detract from the experience and, for the time being while the sun is out, that is what it is about!

Well, after a little tweaking, the car passed its MOT!!
The guys were brilliant and checked over all the nuts and bolts. It was a great QA inspection of the car.
It was very strange to actually drive the car at last and I was a little nervous.
Needless to say, I'm taking it really easy at the moment, just to get used to driving something so quirky.

Outside the garage waiting for its MOT slot.
Now it becomes clear what a great idea the colour scheme was... something that tiny needs to be seen in a world of giant cars.
The next post will be the tale of woe and a list of everything that it failed on.
I honestly don't expect it to pass... I just want it to get a proper checkover and the guys know that.

Well, will you look at that! The container is now empty (and cleaned out - it now smells of pine) and I have moved everything into the new garage.
The car was loaded onto a transporter and moved to the friendly garage where it is being MOT'd.
I am also getting them to look at the brakes as I have had a bit of trouble bleeding them properly.

The car is ready for transporting! The suspension height has been raised at the rear and the container has been tidied.
I did think about driving it over (to a local MOT station) but the front brakes will still not bleed properly, so a local recovery company will move it at a date TBA.

All of the shelving is up, the LED lighting works (and stays on for a long time too! - I accidentally left it on all night!)
The Solar power system charges an array of 15 7Ah batteries and lighting is supplied by 2 20W lamps with the workbench area lit by 2 10W lamps.
Now to finish tidying and get the car over here!!!!